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    Stolen Items That Could Be Worth More Than Kim Kardashian’s Jewelry

    Kim Kardashian‘s assailants are still at large, according to the Associated Press, and the French police are continuing to search for clues as to the identities of the five masked gunmen who robbed the reality star.

    Prosecutors have declined to comment if they believe it was an inside job; however, chief spokeswoman for the Paris police department Johanna Primevert told the AP that Kim’s social media presence likely led to the attack. Kardashian had been showing off her $4.5 million diamond ring gifted from husband Kanye West, which the thieves took off with, plus another $6.7 million in other jewelry.

    But that’s not all

    According to People, the burglars also took two of Kim’s cellphones. TMZ alleges it was only one and that no compromising information was on it. Still … could a second theft be in the works? There are rumors the Kardashians fear blackmail potential, given what could possibly be on her phone.

    Still, if the thieves are as sophisticated as some reports claim, her phone may not have been wiped clean in time. So what compromising information could have been on the phone (or phones)?

    Photos: A star’s worst fear is private photos getting hacked and released. But let us not forget, Kim is not an ordinary celebrity. This is someone who made a sexy selfie book and bared all for Paper magazine. She proudly releases nude shots herself — but she carefully selects (and touches up) the pics she chooses to put out into the world! Still, we can’t see her sweating any naughty pics, as we’ve pretty much seen it all (many times) before.

    Videos:People (cough, trolls on Twitter) are naturally excited at the thought of an intimate video of Kim, perhaps one with her husband, being leaked to the public. While this potential threat would make most people (let alone celebs) panic, this is Kim Kardashian we’re talking about. We first heard her name in the same sentence as “sex tape.” If there was scandalous footage of her with Kanye on a phone, it’s not like it would damage her brand. It’s how she was made. It probably would make her more popular. Plus, we’ve already seen plenty of supersexy pictures and photo shoots of the couple. We highly doubt that Kimye is concerned about a vid of them getting it on getting out.

    Texts and emails: Who isn’t curious about what celebs text or email each other? Maybe there are some gossipy nuggets about other famous folks on Kim’s phone(s) that could be worth some money … but it’s not like Kim or Kanye are shy when it comes to speaking their minds. If you’ll recall, they had no issue taking on Taylor Swift. Still, people would love to know the true inner thoughts of Kimye. And if there are any incriminating or tabloid worthy conversations on Kim’s phone, that always has risk potential. Who hasn’t hit “send” on something they shouldn’t have?

    Business deets: Kim Kardashian is a brand (a huge one, despite everyone on social media attempting to claim otherwise). She has the reality show, her apps, and various businesse. If there happened to be anything on her phone to compromise any of this, then that would be a problem — particularly in the eyes of Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, who runs the Kardashian empire.

    Unreleased Kanye music: Kanye values his wife’s opinion, so it’s possible she could have stored some new songs he was working on. Is there blackmail potential here? It’s no secret that the rapper turned fashion designer takes pride in his work, and he doesn’t like putting anything out until it’s perfect. But Kanye is a man of principles. If a group tried to hold unreleased music over his head — say, the same group who held up his wife — he’d tell them to screw off, call Jay Z, and put the music on Tidal himself before forking over any money.

    Personal family information: Kim is essentially an open book. Her sisters? Not so much … or rather, not as much. Kim loves being famous and worked hard to get to the top, taking her family along for the ride. Of course, they are willing participants, filming the show and creating their own individual brands, but Kim is definitely the most accessible of the bunch. Kendall is a model, but while she struts her stuff on the catwalk she really keeps her personal life out of the limelight. Kylie’s struggle with fame was a storyline last season on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. If there happened to be anything damaging on Kim’s phone to her family, especially anything personally damaging, that absolutely seems like the biggest threat of all.

    Whether the stolen phone(s) will become an issue remains to be seen. But there is a silver lining. At least her Blackberry died back in August. That could have been the real moneymaker.
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