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    Katsina Sure-P Fraud: Former Aide ‘Ready With Evidence’ To Nail Ex-Gov. Shema

    Nasir Ingawa, a former special adviser to former Gov. Ibrahim Shema of Katsina State, on Saturday said he stood by his claim that Mr. Shema diverted billions of naira of SURE-P funds for political campaign.
    Mr. Ingawa said he had no regrets revealing how the money that was meant for developmental projects for the state, was allegedly stolen.
    Mr. Shema had denied the allegation on Friday, and threatened legal action if his former aide failed to publish proofs within 48 hours.
    Mr. Ingawa said he was surprised that the former governor had, in stead of addressing the issue he raised before the Justice Muhammad Suraj-led judicial commission of enquiry, chose to attack his family.
    The commission is investigating how N5.7 billion SURE-P funds were spent.
    Read Mr. Ingawa’s open letter to the former governor:
    “Your Excellency Sir, I hope you are holding up well since we last met and I hope this piece meets you in the best of spirit. I am shattered and heartbroken that I personally have to write this rejoinder, but considering the fact that you have decided to bring yourself so low to attacking my personality and that of my respectable father, you have left me with no choice but to give you a piece of my mind (with all due respect, Sir).
    “Firstly,it is with utmost displeasure that I saw your response to my allegations made at the Justice Suraj Mohammed lead Judicial Panel of Enquiry in Katsina on Wednesday 24th August, 2016. Knowing the person that you are, I certainly knew you would deny the allegations, but they still remain the bitter truth.

    “Your Excellency Sir, the allegations are on record and I stand by them anywhere anytime, not because they will vindicate or implicate me, but simply because they shall stand the test of time as the truth (in this world and the hereafter).
    “So please note that I will not be retracting my statements and if your intention is to threaten me and others that are yet to testify, it will not work!
    “Secondly, I am sure you know I was raised better than to charge-at or abuse anyone’s family out of malice or political mischief, I have completely Isolated your family from any of your misgivings and I hope you are not preempting me to replicate your attacks on your family, even though I would never do that, out of respect and self-respect. My father is a retired civil servant of repute with over 30 years of service to the Nigerian Nation. He remains a peaceful farmer and a statesman in his own rights. So for Allah’s sake, if you do decide to continue with your bid to discredit me, please leave my father out of it (he has the freedom to aspire for any government appointment if he so wishes, the same way you aspire to be President in 2019).
    “Thirdly, Sir I can see from your publication you are threatening all with your lawyers and showing Nigerians that you are a highly placed citizen with connections to some of the countries best lawyers, I certainly have one big and most important lawyer that is above all and that is ALLAH, if we don’t meet him soon In Sha Allah later and He (ALLAH) will judge between us. I will not get into this online and if you wish to clear your name please honour the invitation of the Katsina State Government’s invitation and I will be there to make my statements again with all my evidences ready (facts and figures) instead of posting anything online, I assure you I shall speak the truth of what I know and will never ever be a party to falsely accusing anybody (including your humble self).
    “Fourthly, Your Excellency Sir, I have been in and out of the U.S all my life, so visiting or living in the U.S has never been an issue to me. I assure you I am not running anywhere, I will remain part and parcel of a better Nigeria. I have plans to further my education and build my capacity, that is the only reason I have secured the three admissions as can be seen in the images below (please note that the dates are far before the appearance at the commission). So the baseless accusation of me running out of the country has not risen and it is again disappointing and disheartening to see you engage me dishonorably.
    “Dear Sir, You are not the only one who has a reputation to protect. As earlier
    mentioned, I was brought up well and will not disrespect you or bring anyone of your associates into this. I wish you the best in clearing your name before the commission of enquiry in the next 48 hours”
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