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    Health Talk: Ejaculation Problem In Men

    For men, orgasm is usually accompanied by ejaculation. A single ejaculate contains about 300 million sperm in a fluid medium called semen. Ejaculation is a two-phased process. In the emission phase seminal fluid accumulates in the bulb of the prostate. In the expulsion phase the neck of the urinary bladder closes to ensure that no urine will mix with the semen, and the muscles at the base of the penis and of the penile urethra contract to force the semen out of the urethral opening. Some men experience a “retrograde,” or dry, ejaculation as a result of genetics, illness, medication, surgery, or damage to the valves of the urethra that control the flow of semen.

    In most cases ejaculation problems are psycho-sexual in origin, and not due to any physical abnormality, so that a man may experience sexual failure with one partner, but function quite normally with another.

    There are two main problems: premature ejaculation and absence of ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is very common indeed and refers to the occurrence of the male orgasm at the time of penetration, or very soon after. In extreme cases it may even take place before physical contact is made. Premature ejaculation is usually a feature of early sexual experience, or a sign of performance anxiety.

    The absence of ejaculation is very rare but can occur as a result of overindulgence, inadequate stimulation of the penis, or age-related loss of penile sensitivity.

    To solve this ginseng is recommended. It is an ayurvedic medicine and works as an aphrodisiac and is recommended for men who have sexual problems due to anxiety.

    However, most ejaculation problems have a psychological origin. Eat oats, which have relaxing and therapeutic qualities.


    An ayurvedic medical practitioner would balance the tri-doshas, and use panchakarma for balancing the vatha.

    Sandalwood may help to relieve anxiety, and has an anaesthetic effect on the area which can reduce premature ejaculation.
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