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    North Korea Publicly Executes Six Officials For Allowing 13 Workers To Defect To S.Korea

    Kim Jong-Un reportedly ordered the execution of six state officials after they were blamed for the defection of 13 workers to South Korea. The six officials were executed in front of their family members for “lacking control” over their overseas workers and for allowing them to be “disillusioned” with South Korean television dramas. The executions were reportedly carried out as 80 government authorities and 100 family members were forced to watch.

    The Daily Mail reports that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is not happy about the defection of 13 restaurant workers to South Korea. The dictator ordered the execution of six officials he believed were to blame for the defection noting that they should have had more control over the citizens. The 13 workers defected to South Korea and were accepted into the country on humanitarian grounds. They entered South Korea through China while they were working in the restaurant industry.

    “We grew up amid constant public executions in North Korea. I saw my first public execution when I was seven.” https://t.co/3EtT9USu3A
    — OpenCanada (@OpenCanada) June 21, 2016
    Despite North Korea’s best attempts at keeping its workers under their thumb, it was 13 of these designated restaurant workers who defected to South Korea against Kim Jong-Un’s wishes, a defection which could result in their execution should they return to the communist nation. However, with the defectors safely in South Korea, it seems that Kim Jong-Un wanted to ensure someone paid for the loss of 13 of his citizens.

    Therefore, the dictator demanded the execution of the six officials he felt could have prevented the defection. Included in those executions were intelligence officials. The leader noted that the North Korean defectors were “disillusioned” by watching South Korean television shows and films. Following their entrance into South Korea, the families of the defectors were taken and held prisoner along with the family members of the officials that Jong-Un believed was responsible for the escape. The family members were kept confined until the executions, at which time they were forced to watch as the six individuals were killed.

    This is not the first time that a mass execution has taken place in the public in North Korea. The regime also executed some 80 individuals in an execution that was decried around the world.
    Gruesome Public Executions In North Korea – 80 Killed https://t.co/WFdJbwAese yes this is a little old but it should be check out
    — thatgeeklady (@thatgeeklady) June 30, 2016
    [DAILY EXPRESS]: Kim Jong-Un placed on US blacklist for crimes including torture and execution: NORTH KOREA’S… https://t.co/3XgY2Tlmcm
    — Daily Express UK (@dailyexpressuk) July 7, 2016

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