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    Caution! Five Ways Your Facebook Account Can Be Hacked

    Access to Facebook is very easy, which is why it is equally simple for people to steal your password and gain access to your account. Knowing how they do this will guide you in protecting your account. Below are five ways hackers steal your password:
    • Facebook applications, causes &ads
    Do not just click on any ads or applications on your Facebook wall that you are not familiar with.
    There have been numerous cases of people getting viruses from Facebook ads, or releasing private details that were not supposed to be released.
    • Phishing for Facebook passwords
    Recently, Facebook has been a target for spammers who utilise the “phishing” technique to obtain personal details from users.
    When you receive an email supposedly from Facebook and you click on the link, although you’ll visit a page that looks like you’re logging into Facebook, you’re actually providing the spammer with your Facebook password details.
    For every mail you get, observe the status bar for the actual URL link (not the URL text in the email). If the link is something other than Facebook.com, it’s very likely that the email is a fake.
    • Websites integrated with Facebook
    Websites, blogs and large businesses usually incorporate the well-recognised Facebook and Twitter buttons onto their pages.
    Knowing this, hackers camouflage a false Facebook login page by making it look like an authentic share button. When users click on the fake Facebook button, the hackers automatically get hold of the users’ credentials.
    Instead of clicking on the share button, open Facebook in another browser and visit the sites on the Facebook browser you have opened. You can then use the share buttons. Authentic buttons are plugged into the Facebook Application Programming Interface and they will recognise that you are already authenticated.
    • Desktop and online applications
    Third-party apps and other social networking sites have the ability to pull data from and also post data on your Facebook account.
    Some of them may be bogus apps set up to gain access to Facebook authentication details. Before you install an app and provide your Facebook login details, check the web for reviews from other users of the app (or check if it’s listed at Make Use Of).
    • Logging in on public computers
    Using public computers to login into your Facebook account is dangerous because of the “keep me logged in” button under the Facebook login fields.
    The “keep me logged in” basically ensures that no matter where else you browse to, or even if you close the Facebook tab, that browser session remains authenticated. If you go to Facebook in any cyber café where the Internet browser is left opened, more often than not, you’ll find that the last person that accessed Facebook is still logged in.

    Fake chat pop-up Ads

    Another recent phenomenon to fool people into logging into their Facebook accounts is the fake chat pop-up. According to http://www.makeuseof.com, these ads are known to clone a Facebook chat pop-up. It looks like a random person is trying to chat with you from where the Facebook chat is usually located.
    If you click on the chat window, it may take you to a Facebook phishing page. Or, it may just be an advertisement for a porn site or other products that you very likely have no interest in.

    Questions and Answers

    I cannot log into my Facebook account. It is displaying, “the number you entered does not match any account.” Please help—2348133***08
    Go to the ‘ABOUT’ section of your account: ‘D’ then look for the email of your Facebookaccount and change it to something similar to your email.
    If this does not work, try setting up a new Facebook account with the same info and this will prompt Facebook to recognise that you already have an account.
    Setting up a new Facebook account: Fill out the “new user” info, and put in the same information like e-mail etc.It will display “it appears you already have an account,” when you see this message and your email log in page, put in your password.

    I am using Infinix Hot 2, 16GB ROM 2GB RAM. The problem I have is that anytime I want to download a game or file of 700MB from Play Store, it downloads 100 per cent and starts from the beginning, and I still have a lot of space left. Please help—2348052***77

    When downloading very large files from the Google Play Store, it is better to do it over WiFi and not mobile data. This is because downloading large files of over 300MB can be quite tricky with mobile. You need a constantly strong Internet connection to achieve your large file download effectively. As long as you have memory space on your phone, it should be successful.

    Answer courtesy of George Ejere, Founder, B2BTechNG. Email; [email protected]
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